Golden Thread Building Information Management from Inception to Occupation

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Designed for Building Safety Act Compliance with Intuitive and Collaborative Golden Thread Management on all your Higher Risk Buildings

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MosaicGT was built in response to the UK Construction Industry’s report into Grenfell. The Hackett report recommended that there should be a ‘golden thread’ of good quality information for buildings to be designed, built and managed safely. MosaicGT is the perfect tool for landlords and building owners to comply with the Building Safety Act for all their Higher Risk Buildings.

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Use MosaicGT to manage all your building safety information in one convenient location allowing key stakeholders and even residents access to information relevant to them

Our most important Golden Thread app features

MosaicGT provides a tool to create and manage your Golden thread through all the Gateways and on into full occupation with our unique residents App which enable landlords and owners of higher risk buildings to comply with the Building Safety Act in communicating with their residents on matters of fire safety.

Manage Multiple Higher Risk Buildings

View all your Higher Risk Buildings in one place, invite key stakeholders and manage all compliance certification via the dashboard with easy management of your residents profiles


Gateway Compliance

Navigate through the newly introduced Gateways with ease to ensure the correct information is uploaded to the Golden Thread at the right time to allow Gateway Compliance and onward progression of the project.

Residents App

The residents App is a unique tool which enables building owners and landlords to provide their valued residents all the information they need on all aspects of safety, to not only be assured that the building they are living in is safe but access to all key safety information they would need in the event of an emergency

Sharing compliance

MosaicGT also enables users to easily share evidence of compliance with third parties such as the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) if requested. A higher risk buildings Golden Thread can be shared with the BSR via download link or the BSR can be invited into MosaicGT with read only access.

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Online Safety Documentation Portal

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