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MosaicGT was built by construction professionals to provide an online Golden Thread Management tool, with compliance with BSA 2022 in mind. We firmly believe that it should not take any more effort to go beyond pure compliance and provide exceptional Health & Safety management, and MosaicGT gives you the tools to do that


    Site and 

    Online and Always available

    Existing Buildings

    Manage High Risk Buildings

    Tn the Ground

    Manage Gateways

    The Design - Processes

    Compliance by Design

    The Design - Materials

    Upload Drawings and Certificates


    Provide Information in Emergencies

    Document Management

    MosaicGT provides a framework for compiling documentation required at each Gateway. As soon as a document is available it can be uploaded into MosaicGT, where it is visible to all users, available to download, and will be logged for inclusion in system-generated reports or submissions.



    Project Dashboard

    Each Building has a Dashboard showing all the pertinent information in one easy to read space. View Team Members and Roles, Progress of the Gateways as a whole, as well as view the progress of the Documentation that is yet to be uploaded and have confidence your Golden Thread is on track.



    Compile Compliant Records

    Our team of construction experts have created a framework for each of the gateways which ensures promting, uploading and recording and updating of all relevant documentation for Building Regulation compliance. The online collaborative format ensures all relevent information is visible to every team member with a focused set of safety documents and compliance certificates made available to residents via a dedicated app which giving them confidence that they live in a safe building.



    Residents App

    We are proud to deliver a unique mobile App for all residents of Higher Risk Buildings. Available on both iOS and Android it provides HRB residents with all the fire safety information they need in the event of a fire or evacuation along with the status details of all live services commissioning certificates. This allows building owners and landlords appointed Appropriate Person to provide resident engagement and ensures that the resident profile is kept up to date with accurate information. Residents can get reassurance that their home is safe all with a few touches of their smartphone.



    Document Management


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